Misano Adriatico

Misano AdriaticoEvery year, Misano Adriatico welcomes thousands of families with children, sports enthusiasts and lovers of active holidays, as well as young people keen to enjoy all the entertainment offered by the Adriatic Riviera. It is a town with many different faces, and holidays in Misano are always varied and full of surprises.
The resort of Misano offers safe, well-equipped beaches, with games for children and sports facilities. The pedestrianised seafront is perfect for a walk or cycle ride with the family, without any danger from motor vehicles.

The Hotel Capitol is located in a strategic position, within easy reach of the amusement parks of the Riviera, the discos of Misano Monte and Riccione Alta, the Misano World Circuit, the Riccione Spa Centre, and the lovely Romagna countryside with its Entroterra Misanobeautifully preserved castles and historic villages.
For example, it is well worth visiting the nearby Castle of San Leo, associated with the story of Count Cagliostro, the Castle of Gradara, the setting for Dante’s tale of Paolo and Francesca, and Verucchio, seat of the Malatesta dynasty. Then there is Urbino, the domain of the Montefeltro family, and historic towns such as Mondaino, Montefiore, Montegridolfo and Saludecio, which stage historic re-enactments and mediaeval pageants every year.
The Hotel Capitol in Misano Adriatico looks forward to welcoming you.